An estimated 35% of taxpayers’ income is paid to various tax authorities. That is, about one third of the entire world’s circulating wealth production ends up in state coffers. The main function of tax.network is to organize and promote collaborativity between tax operators working within this massive and chaotic tax information, given the eternal pursuit of a fair taxation.

We believe that information technology and collaboration are fundamental tools for reaching solutions to tax and fiscal issues, so tax.network was created as a worldwide collaborative community. Our network’s platform receives, filters, formats, and shares original tax articles, additional tax research, and significant data compiled from multiple sources.

Our members have access to texts produced by original authors, and searched content can be filtered by relevance. Members can promptly organize their selected daily tax reading, all delivered quickly within one location.

Our community, tax.network, is comprised of thousands of professional members based worldwide and includes their published texts. Our system manages all of this information, based on the best technology platforms available.

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We are continually growing and improving our community as a necessary resource for all tax professionals.

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Renato Baccaro
Managing Director

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