Federal Member for Fraser

8 years
How Much Did the 2009 Fiscal Stimulus Boost Spending?

Abstract Using survey evidence, I estimate the impact of a $12 billion package of household payments delivered in Australia between March and May 2009. Forty percent of households who said that the...

8 years
Can Redistributive State Taxes Reduce Inequality?

ABSTRACT Do income taxes levied at a state or regional level affect the after-tax distribution of income? Or do workers merely move between regions, causing pre-tax wages to adjust? This question i...

10 years
Who Benefits from the Earned Income Tax Credit? Incidence Among Recipients, Coworkers and Firms

Abstract How are hourly wages affected by the Earned Income Tax Credit? Two strategies are utilized to determine the relationship between the credit and hourly wages. First, I use variation in stat...

10 years
Does Fiscal Policy Reduce Unemployment? Evidence from Pork-Barrel Spending

Andrew Leigh Christine Neill Abstract Studies of the effect of government spending on unemployment are potentially confounded by reverse causality. To address the endogeneity problem, we exp...

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