Key practical issues to eliminate double taxation of business income

Fernando Daniel de Moura FonsecaPost-graduate degree in Tax Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. Accountant. Lawyer. Updated version of the Brazilian national report presented to the 65th Congress of the International Fiscal Association (Paris, 2011). 1. INTRODUCTION The issues related to international double taxation and to the methods of preventing it necessarily relate to the intensification of economic relations in the global context and to the increase in the flow of…
Lawyer in Brazil. Partner at Sacha Calmon - Misabel Derzy Consultores e Advogados. Graduated in Law from UFMG. Master’s Degree and PhD in Tax Law from UFMG. Université de Nancy II: Diplôme Supérieur de d’Études Françaises (3e degré). Member of the Special Committee on Tax Law of the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association. Scientific Director of Tax Law of the Brazilian Association of Tax Law (ABRADT). Director of the Brazilian Association of Financial Law (ABDF).
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