Policy of Intellectual Property Rights

The following terms are the guidelines regarding the protection and safety of property rights owners and users of this webpage. By accessing the TAXBLOG.COM, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

In order to avoid any violation and to assure the safety of intellectual property rights in the TAXBLOG.COM, this webpage will improve its mechanisms to guarantee the protection of the owners of intellectual property rights as well as users of the website.

The aim is to prevent/restrain any abuse of intellectual property right. As a result, TAXBLOG.COM will not accept contents from those who consciously infringe any intellectual property rights of content owners.

In summary, the TAXBLOG.COM intellectual property protection scheme encompasses:

– A monitored action to promptly exclude any content reported as a violation to any intellectual property right;

– An efficient system to remove any listings that infringe or may infringe the main guidelines of TAXBLOG.COM;

– A program abstaining users from violating the intellectual property rights of its legal owners, by ceasing users who allegedly violate the TAXBLOG.COM policies from accessing the webpage.

1. The Communication of a violation of an intellectual property right

Only rights owners can provide information/report on the intellectual property rights violators. Thus, it is an irrevocable duty of owner’s rights. It is unquestionable that this system ought to be considered as a subsidiary mechanism to improve the safety of intellectual property rights. The duty of protection of the intellectual property rights lies solely with its owner. Therefore, this system requires your assistance to ascertain and, consequently, seize an intellectual property right violation.

If you are not the rights owner, you cannot report a violation of any property right. However, you will be able to assist us by reaching out to the rights owner and encouraging them to contact us immediately.

2. The Process of communication of any suspicious illegal material

To report any suspicious illegal content, the rights owner will have to fill out a Notice of Claimed Infringement form available through this website and send it on line to us to taxblog.com/contact.

3. The Intellectual Property Protection Scheme

Assuming that TAXBLOG.COM have good faith, reasonable belief that infringing material has been placed on its webpage either through a notice of claimed infringement from a rights owner (or even our own motion), the following steps/measures will be diligently observed:

– The contravened material will be promptly removed from the webpage;

– The violator will be regularly notified about the exclusion of the content from the webpage;

– First time offenders will be advised that posting infringing materials will lead to suspension;

– Suspension will be accrued after infringement has been reiterated and TAXBLOG.COM will prevent the violator from posting any content on the webpage.

– In general, illegal material cannot be reposted (although there are some exceptions).

4. Precautionary Measures

To ensure that the person reporting the supposedly infringement content is authorized to do so, he/she must give us all information to prove such authority (as owner’s rights authority). The material shall not be removed from the webpage unless such prerequisite is fulfilled. This procedure will also facilitate the identification of the material which will be excluded from the TAXBLOG.COM. The rights owner is obliged to provide us with an email address for any further contact.

If your posting has been reported, you will automatically receive an email notifying you that a rights owner requested your posting to be removed from the TAXBLOG.COM page. This will give you the opportunity to contact them directly. If you wish to do so, you will be able to obtain more information about why your posting violates their intellectual property rights. In addition, if you have any concerns or questions about why your posting was reported, please do not hesitate to contact the content owner directly using the email address. This email address will be provided to you in the same message used to notify you about the violation and the exclusion of the infringed material.

5. The Counter Notice Claim to TAXBLOG

TAXBLOG.COM recognizes that sometimes a listing may be mistakenly identified by a Verified Intellectual Property Owner or law enforcement as offering an infringing or otherwise unauthorized or illegal item. In the event that such a mistake occurs, you should contact the complaining party directly. TAXBLOG.COM will gladly allow you to re-list the item upon receipt of an acknowledgement of the mistake from the complaining party. The reposting will only be permitted under such circumstances.

Alternately, if the complaining party does not agree that their request was in error, you may provide a counter notice to TAXBLOG.COM. The counter notice form must comply with all the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Our preferred method of counter-notification submission is via our webpage taxblog.com/contact

Upon receiving the original of your fully completed counter notice, TAXBLOG.COM will notify the reporting party. If the issue(s) cannot be resolved, TAXBLOG.COM will send your counter notice to the reporting party. TAXBLOG.COM will inform that entity that TAXBLOG.COM will allow the re-listing of the removed items within 10 business days unless TAXBLOG.COM receives notice from the reporting party that it has filed an action seeking a court order to restrain you from re-listing such items. If the reporting party disagrees with your Counter Notice, they may file a legal action against you to prevent the re-listing of the ended item(s). Alternatively, if they notify us in writing or by e-mail that they no longer object to the item, listing, or material, we will allow it to be re-listed.

6. General final provisions on the protection of intellectual property rights

Copy of portions of or whole textbooks, ebooks, test banks, solutions manuals, or teachers editions books are not permitted to be included in your postings otherwise and solely with permission granted by the rights owners. Postings that include excerpts from copyrighted works may be blocked and removed by this protection system of the TAXBLOG.COM.

Moreover, TAXBLOG.COM requires class notes to be truly original and independent. As to say, notes should be independent works; any recordings of the professor’s lectures will not be accepted whatsoever. Your class notes should include information raised by students in or outside of class, and independent thought, analysis and commentary. Class notes must be substantially rewritten after class and include independent material; notes that use a lecturer’s words or that are not carefully reviewed, rethought and rewritten after class may be removed from the webpage.

TAXBLOG.COM reserves the right to exclude any posting if a professor, in the future, reviews your notes and reports any infringement to their copyright.

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