Luisa Blanco

 Assistant Professor, Pepperdine University School of Public Policy, Malibu, USA

4 years
Are Tax Havens Good Neighbors? An LDC Perspective

Written by: Luisa Blanco[*] and Cynthia L. Rogers Abstract Tax competition and spillover models offer ambiguous predictions of tax haven impacts on non- tax havens. The implications of tax haven...

5 years
Competition Between Tax Havens: Does Geographic Distribution Matter?

Written by: Luisa Blanco and Cynthia Rogers 1. Introduction Over the past decade, economic globalization has led to a significant increase in capital mobility and a corresponding increase in dem...

6 years
Endogenous Tax Policy and Economic Growth of Tax Havens

Luisa Blanco* Cynthia Rogers** Abstract That tax haven policies contribute to favorable economic growth in tax haven countries is widely accepted in international policy dialogues. There i...